Brief Chats

Towards the end of 2012 (together with my wonderful friends Felicity Gerry and Kim Evans) I started a series of podcasts through the University of Law’s Future Lawyers Network. The concept (thought up by Kim) was simple. Take the chats we had with our lawyer friends in the pub and reproduce in a more controlled alcohol free environment to let aspiring lawyers have a peek into the working lives of lawyers who’ve made it. Between the three of us we are really lucky to have access to a great ‘black book’ of potential guests. As the podcasts were limited to 5 or 6 we tried to get a flavour from as wide a scope as possible. Not easy given the places and roles that lawyers end up nowadays.

For posterity I thought I would add the podcasts to my blog posts. Maybe you will click on the links and have a fact I hope you will because the guests have been fabulous and the UOL’s production team have done a wonderful job dealing with a collective first for all of us: presenting a podcast.

First up we had Tom Kilroy, GC of Misys. Tom talked all about journey from science student to temporary stewardship of the CEO role at Misys via a work trip to the Star Wars ranch. Tom gives great advice on compiling your CV and covering letter that is relevant to us all! If you want to listen click here!

Next up was Francis Fitzgibbon QC of Doughty Street Chambers a podcast that covers a huge range of topics from how Francis fell into the law, his human rights work, working life within a chambers and whether there is a place in the courtroom for theatrics. If you want to listen click here.

After an inhouser and a barrister it was time for a Solicitor so where better to go than straight to Solicitor of the Year 2012, David Enright? David is a fabulous narrator and his route to the accolade has plenty of twists and turns from the man who started out his working life carrying bricks on a building site to the human rights issues surrounding ‘Bigger, Fatter, Gypsier’. If you want to listen click here.

First amongst equals, President of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, Nick Hanning was the next guest. It was recorded the night before a Council meeting that he and I were attending. Nick speaks brilliantly about the role of the Chartered Legal Executive and his job as President whilst holding down a day job running a law firm. Nick also answers gives a forceful answer to my question “are Chartered Legal Executives second class legal/lawyer citizens?” If you want to liste click here.

All 4 podcasts published so far have one consistent theme that we didn’t realise when we started. All 4 interviewees did not start out intending to enter the law.

We’re waiting the final edit of the final podcast which I hope is going to finish the series brilliantly. It’s the turn of the ladies…


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